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Learn How to Start a 4-H Gardening Club

Starting a garden is a great way to get youth involved, engaged, and excited about eating and trying new vegetables. Plus youth learn valuable STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) skills. Add another bonus that we live in Florida so that sites can have three growing seasons (fall, winter, summer). So where do you start? Learn More.

Getting to Know the Four H’s

This activity is a way to introduce 4-H to a new audience or start the new 4-H year. It can serve as an icebreaker activity or fulfill the educational portion of a club meeting. Teaching the 4-H pledge is more than reciting words. Youth should understand that the 4-H pledge identifies the core values and principles that 4-H teaches. This activity will help youth understand the pledge in depth. It can also serve as an activity to get youth brainstorming on how they may want to plan their year out based on each H.


Helping Learners Develop a Sense of Place

In a rapidly developing world with a growing population, it is more important than ever to teach youth, and adults, about the environment and conservation. However, simply teaching about an issue or topic isn’t always enough to achieve significant and long-term impacts. To truly make learners life-long and active stewards of the environment they have to become personally invested in and connected to a place. We all have places to which we feel connected and these feelings come from having developed a sense of place.


Brevard County 4-H SPIN Club Volunteer Role Description

Youth need and deserve opportunities that help them learn life skills that help them grow into responsible and active citizens. 4-H can provide such opportunities, but adult volunteers are needed to help the next generation reach their potential by leading 4-H clubs. Realizing that there is much that competes for the time of youth and potential volunteers, 4-H offers a unique short-term format of clubs called SPIN (special interest) clubs. SPIN clubs meet for six sessions based on the availability of the volunteer leader and participants and typically meet once or twice a week. There can be a SPIN club for almost any interest- science, nature, disc golf, technology, arts, beekeeping, fishing, bird watching, robotics, etc. Becoming a 4-H leader is an avenue to share a passion or a skill while having a positive impact on the lives of youth.


Note to 21st Century Grant Schools

Brevard County 4-H Clubs for 21st Century Grant Schools

Brevard County 4-H 101 for Educators

Start a 4-H Gardening Program

Welcome to 4-H. We are excited to have your participation and looking forward to working with you. Click here to download important information about the program.


What is 4-H?

The University of Florida/IFAS Extension 4-H Youth Development Program uses a learn-by-doing approach to help youth gain the knowledge and skills they need to be responsible, productive citizens. This mission is accomplished by creating safe and inclusive learning environments, involving caring adults, and utilizing the expertise and resources of the University of Florida and the nationwide land grant university system.

How can you get involved?

Youth: 4-H is open to all youth, ages 5-18, determined as of September 1 of the current 4-H program year. Contact the UF IFAS Extension Brevard County Office to learn more at 321-633-1702 or check out our website.

Volunteer: Adult volunteers play an important role in the 4-H program. They mentor 4-H youth, coordinate local community clubs, and help to plan and run events. Learn how to get started and receive training to be a 4-H volunteer. Contact the UF IFAS Extension Brevard County Office to learn more at 321-633-1702 or check out our website.

I don’t want to have a club, what are my options?

School Enrichment: Brevard County 4-H offers the Tropicana Public Speaking program for youth to participate in. Click here for more information. Unique to Florida, this program gives youth the opportunity to develop, practice, and recite a speech in public.

Seminars/Activities/Lessons: Brevard County 4-H offers one time educational seminars, activities, or lessons in the areas of STEM (robotics, gardening, environmental education, GPS, etc.), Healthy Living (nutrition, cooking), and Career Development (interview skills, resume building, etc.). These seminars are available upon request and may have a low cost associated with them for materials.

Curriculum: 4-H has a wide variety of approved curriculum to use with youth. Brevard County also has a lending library with many of the resources.

Teaching Kits- Brevard County 4-H offers use of educational kits for the following curriculum:

  • DIG (Dig into Gardening): Six series of lessons plans focusing around everything from plant biology to soils to the importance of water for plants. Kits includes a 3ft x 3ft garden bed for use and three bins worth of lesson materials to utilize.
  • Science Discovery Series: Includes lessons that focus on science through hands on activities.

4-H Volunteers

Volunteer Training Series

We are always looking for 4-H volunteers! Getting registered is easy. Click here to learn more, or download instructions.