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Get Involved in Citizen Science!

One way that you can get involved in environmental issues in your area is to volunteer with a citizen science monitoring program. Citizen science is “the involvement of the public in scientific research – whether community-driven research or global investigations” ( Read More.

Space Coast Regional Chapter of the Florida Master Naturalist Program

We are looking for members who want to continue their environmental education activities and outreach with fellow Naturalists. Click here to learn more.

Florida Seafood Your Fingertips

Floridians eat nearly twice as much seafood as consumers in the rest of the country. With the variety of choices in the market today, consumers have more and more questions about seafood. Based on a statewide survey of 717 Florida residents, we know that approximately 40% of Floridians are not consuming the recommended USDA dietary guidelines of eating two servings of seafood each week. Also, the biggest barriers to purchasing Florida seafood were that respondents didn’t know where to find it, don’t know what types of seafood are specific to Florida (caught or raised here), and the cost of Florida seafood.

The Florida Seafood at Your Fingertips program helps to answer consumers’ questions about seafood safety, handling and cooking, promote Florida’s commercial seafood industry, and provide current information about Florida seafood. The program consists of a series of research-based educational modules and materials to educate consumers about Florida seafood. To learn more about the program visit:

Catch and Release Fishing

Florida Sea Grant extension agents are getting offshore anglers involved in the process of evaluating descending devices in Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic waters to see if there are practical options that may help fishermen improve the survival of deep-water fish they release. There have been promising results from scientific studies conducted on the U.S. West Coast that show survival of deep-water released fish can be improved if they are quickly returned to capture depth. The latest edition of the Catch and Release (.pdf) brochure includes an all new section on descending tools, venting and other deep-water release techniques for reef fish. Learn more at the UF/IFAS Catch and Release website.

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Brevard Marine Extension provides educational opportunities and university research-based information designed to assist citizens, businesses, community leaders, and visitors in making informed choices as they enjoy and conserve Brevard's unique marine and aquatic resources. Future generations can then continue to enjoy and conserve these same ecological wonders.

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