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October is Florida Native Plant Month!

Native Plants

Native plants are a great addition to your yard. If the right native plant is planted in the place, most natives will thrive with minimal supplemental water and fertilizer. Native plants can also help to attract wildlife like butterflies, hummingbirds and birds. Follow the links below to learn more about Florida's native plants:

Fall Fowl Extravaganza!

Buff OrpingtonJust reminding you…we’ve got eggciting news! The 2015 4-H Brevard County Social and Market Poultry Auction is coming on October 24, 2015. This year youth will be auctioning off Buff Orpington hens. We have increased to 60 youth participating and looking for local support to make the auction a success.

4-H teaches youth that there is more to winning than a blue ribbon that the hard work they put into their animal project helps them succeed, and they can tackle any obstacle after being a 4-H member. 4-H is the only program in Brevard that supports life skill development through raising animals. Each year our program continues to grow, illustrating we have found a niche and youth are interested in livestock and small animal husbandry.

Need to know more about this eggciting event? Contact Vanessa Spero-Swingle, 4-H Extension Agent, at 321-633-1702 ext 231. I hope to see you at the social and auction!

Be Plastic Aware!

Small plastics (less than 5 mm in size) are becoming an increasing concern in the marine environment. The Florida Microplastic Awareness Project (FMAP) is a citizen science project to raise awareness about the sources of and threats posed by microplastics in the coastal environment. Volunteers are collecting and analyzing water samples from around the state, documenting the presence of microplastics.

This training will give you the information you need to become part of this project. You'll learn more about:

  1. What microplastics are and where they come from
  2. The types of volunteer opportunities available for the project
  3. How to collect water samples, filter water, and check for microplastics
  4. What you can do to help spread the word about microplastics

If you have any questions, please contact Holly Abeels at or 321-633-1702 x235.

Eventbrite - Brevard County Florida Microplastic Awareness Project Training

Fall Fertilization after the Blackout Period

October 2015

By Matt Lenhardt, UF/IFAS Extension Brevard County Horticulture Agent

FertilizerIn Brevard County the fertilizer “blackout” period will end for the season this October 1st, 2015. The blackout calls for no nitrogen or phosphorous to be applied from June 1st through September 30th in an attempt to reduce nutrient leaching during heavy thunderstorms in the summer. So, when deciding what type of fertilizer to use, and when to apply it, take these UF/IFAS recommendations into consideration. Continue reading...

4-H First Annual HandyPro Show Jumping Challenge

Horse Jump

Join us as we celebrate the Grand Opening of the Brevard County 4-H Multi-Functional Performance Center. Share the experience of living life on the edge while watching the individual teams of horses and riders speed through a course of jumps and hairpin turns. Their agility is breathtaking as they soar through the course utilizing their incredible skills for our pure excitement. There will be three types of skilled competitions:

  • The barn challenge where barns compete with each other for $600 in prize money
  • Three individual challenges at different jump heights
  • A Mini-Prix that will excite and thrill as the best riders compete for a prize purse of $1500

An equine team costume contest will be included. The intermission will consist of a canine demonstration by area clubs. All proceeds will benefit the local 4-H Clubs and the newly reconstructed facility.

Sponsorship opportunities available from $10.00 to $600.00 and/or merchandise for prizes!

Learn More

General Standards (CORE) Pesticide Class

Training offered as a review for applicators needing to take the Core license test. Four Core CEU’s also available for existing license holders. Class will be held at the UF/IFAS Brevard County Extension office in Cocoa, FL on Thursday, October 15, 2015 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Core test will be administered after training for those who need it. Lunch will be provided. Pre-registration and payment required prior to class.

Register Today!

2016 Class Registration Open

Sustainable Floridians

Training + Volunteer Program Preparing Citizens to become Ambassadors for Sustainability!

  • Ten-week training program with continuing volunteer opportunities
  • Learn how to live more sustainably—and find out about sustainability initiatives throughout Brevard County!
  • Topics include Energy, Water, Land Use, Food, and more

The Sustainable Floridians program follows the model of the successful Florida Master Gardener program and aims to develop engaged citizen volunteers who will become local sustainability champions. The Sustainable Floridian will become an active participant in the mission of the Florida Extension Service to transform societies through lifestyle choices and behaviors. After completing the eight-week training program, participants will create a personal sustainability action plan and can contribute to service projects or act as volunteer educators.

Eventbrite - Sustainable Floridians

An Eggciting Day at the Farmers Market

The Annual Youth Farmers Market Field Trip at the Brevard County Farmers Market in Melbourne, Florida gives youth the opportunity about local produce, local vendors, and agriculture. In order to educate youth about where food comes from and to introduce youth to their local farmers, UF IFAS Extension Brevard County hosts an annual field trip for youth to explore the local farmers market. Read More.

Sponsor a Child and a Chicken!

Sponsor a Child and Chicken!We’ve got eggciting news! The 2015 4-H Brevard County Social and Market Poultry Auction is coming on October 24, 2015. This year youth will be auctioning off Buff Orpington hens. We have increased to 60 youth participating and looking for local support to make the auction a success. Read more.


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Learn How to Start a 4-H Gardening Club

Starting a garden is a great way to get youth involved, engaged, and excited about eating and trying new vegetables. Plus youth learn valuable STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) skills. Add another bonus that we live in Florida so that sites can have three growing seasons (fall, winter, summer). So where do you start? Learn More.

My Brevard Yard Workshops

My Brevard YardSign up for the My Brevard Yard Workshop and learn how you can have a healthy lawn and protect our waterways!

One or three-hour workshops are available. Longer workshops are great for municipalities, homeowner associations, and other large groups. Call 321.633.1702 x 222 or Email to schedule a group workshop.

Soil Testing Information

Call a Master Gardener

You can do your part to protect water quality by following a few simple steps toward making your yard Florida Friendly. For help with your lawn and landscape, call or email a Master Gardener at 321.633.1702.

Soil and Water Conservation District

The Brevard Soil and Water Conservation District assists farmers and ranchers with applying Best Management Practices to their operations.

Contact Dave Millard at 633-1702 x241 or email Dave Millard for assistance.

Brevard County Farmers Market

The Brevard County Farmers Market is open every Thursday from 3-6pm and is located at the Equestrian Center in Wickham Park. More info...

Brevard Botanical Garden

We are developing a teaching and demonstration garden right here at the UF/IFAS Extension office. Learn how you can help.