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Fertilizer Ordinancess

Use this chart to find your city's fertilizer ordinance. Find ordinance-compliant fertilizers.

My Brevard Yard Sign up for the My Brevard Yard program and learn how you can have a healthy lawn and protect our waterways!

One or three-hour workshops are available. Longer workshops are great for municipalities, homeowner associations, and other large groups. Call 321.633.1702 x 222 or email to schedule a group workshop.

Try It, You’ll Like It! Encouraging Youth to Eat What They Grow in the Garden

School gardens are a huge trend. They allow youth to build skills in science while encouraging healthy eating habits and getting youths to “eat their veggies.” The reality of most beginning garden programs is that just because it is grown in the garden, does not mean youth will eat it; many factors play a part in consumption. Read More

Tunicates (aka Sea Squirts)

Tunicates are found throughout the Indian River Lagoon growing attached to mangrove roots, pilings, oyster reefs, and any hard substance they can find every spring and into the summer. They are also known as “sea squirts” because they squirt water out of their siphons when squeezed gently.

Encountering Snakes

Encountering SnakesMany 4‐H clubs, programs and camps provide valuable outdoor experiences for youth. A typical concern for many youth and their parents is encountering a snake. It is an understandable concern as Florida is home to numerous snake species, a few of which are venomous.


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Soil Testing Information

Call a Master Gardener

You can do your part to protect water quality by following a few simple steps toward making your yard Florida Friendly. For help with your lawn and landscape, call or email a Master Gardener at 321.633.1702.

Soil and Water Conservation District

The Brevard Soil and Water Conservation District assists farmers and ranchers with applying Best Management Practices to their operations.

Contact Dave Millard at 633-1702 x241 or email Dave Millard for assistance.

Brevard County Fair

Join us October 23 - November 2 for the 2014 Brevard County Fair. Show off your skills and talents by entering any of our many competitions including gardening, culinary, sewing, art, and much more! For More Info...

Brevard County Farmers Market

The Brevard County Farmers Market is open every Thursday from 3-6pm and is located at the Equestrian Center in Wickham Park. More info...

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