Horse Owners Prepared for the Storm

Our horses depend on us for their safety in the event of a hurricane or other disaster. Have you made a plan to reduce risk to your animal? If not, NOW is the time! The following steps can improve your horse’s chances of riding out the storm with only minimal injuries: Read More.

Florida Mandatory Cattle Identification

As of March 2013, mandatory identification for cattle 18 months of age or older and dairy cattle of any age has been required by the USDA to transport animals across state lines. Additionally, beginning September 4, 2014 the State of Florida required mandatory cattle and bison identification for all cattle over 18 months of age, moving within the state. Exceptions to the USDA and FDACS rules include cattle transported to “approved” cattle tagging sites and to recognized slaughter facilities. FDACS exceptions also include cattle under the same ownership transported from pasture to pasture as part of normal management practices. Read More


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